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I have built a gaming pc this summer in eager of GTA V but it turns out that it is being released next year not this year. I currently have a radeon 6770, enough to play tf2 but im eager to upgrade this Christmas, I have thought of the GTX 680 or the Radeon 7970 but the game is going to be released next year and I can wait until next spring or fall, depending when GTA V comes out. But by then the Radeon 8000 series or the GTX 700 series would have come out or not so should i get a card at Christmas or wait?
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    Yeah, I would wait. I mean, you're so far into this series of cards that the next will be here in 3-5 months. And seeing as how they're going to be a HUGE power bump...
  2. I would wait. As DarkSable said the next gen is going to be a big performance increase
  3. Wait. Radeon HD 8000 series is expected to be released in Q1 2013. nVidia's GTX 700 series probably won't be released until Q3 or Q4 of 2013.
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