Need some advice on first build

I have been asking around and getting advice for my first build, at the moment I have all the parts selected but I was hoping to possibly get someone or a few people to review it, point out anything I may have missed or possibly suggest some points of upgrade. The build is meant for gaming primarily, I want to be able to play most if not all current titles on high or max settings with a decent fps, as well as the occasional video editing/recording.

Current PC is a razer laptop which is a few years old. For the most part It runs okay but I do see substantion fps drops when playing games on medium+ settings. Anyway, here is the build;

Should also not that I am in Australia, aiming to get all of the parts off this website, and my budget is roughly 1, 500 -2, 000 dollars. I really don't have much understanding when it comes to building computers, or computers in general, so thanks in advance for the advice :D.

PS: I have a monitor; already, but will probably upgrade it in the not too distant future.
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  1. Yeah, your build checks out.
    Just get 8 Gb ram, cos 16 is just too much.
  2. When you say 16 is too much what exactly does that mean? It won't run as well or I just don't need that much? Don't really understand how it works.
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    Most, if not all, modern games used no more than 4 GB. So 16 GB you were planning will be just sitting there, doing nothing. So 8 Gb is more than enough.
  4. Ahh I see, well thanks heaps for the help.
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  6. ^ agreed :)

    On the other hand 16GB might be of some help, when for the OP´s occasional video editing/recording.
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