Cabinet fan problem urgent plz

hi have a coolermaster 431plus cabby is has one front one top and one rear fan .rear fan is not working properly.when i start pc its rpm becomes so slow maybe 5 to 600 but after 2 minutes it goes normal plz help and all other fanes r working normally
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  1. replace the rear fan once your current one gives up on you
  2. r u sure its done?
  3. I would worry about the rear fan once it stops working, in bios check your fan settings as some motherboard offer smart fan monitoring meaning it will manage the fans speeds depending on temerature so when you boot and your system is cold the motherboard will not tell fans to spin up fast, but later on when you boot to windows the system warms up and your fans will be running at specified speeds
  4. msi h61mp20 so no smart monitor option
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