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What do you think of the following build? I plan to use the machine for Oracle EBS experimenting at home -- several large virtual machines, Oracle 11G database, sql development maybe some java development. I don't care about graphics but I do care a lot about I/O and CPU performance. No plans to take advantage of overclocking. I could also use a recommendation for a cpu cooler if needed.

$120 MSI Z77A-G45 1155 ATX
$230 Intel I7-3770K
$60 Corsair Cx 500W 80+ BRNZ ATX PSU
$70 Corsair 16G 2x8 1600 D3 DIMM
$48 Thermaltake V3 black gaming case
$100 Seagate 2TB 7200 RPM SATA 6 GB/s
$16 LGELECOEM LG 24x DVD burner
$100 MS OEM Win8 64b
$315 Sandisk Extreme 480G SSD

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Very nice. I would connect the ssd first and load windows before you connect the main hardrive. Let windows configure your seagate as a secondary drive (plug in the connectors while windows is running). Or you can clone the ssd to the seagate after you finish loading your files. Maxblast 5.0 works well; I clone and set up the secondary drive as a boot device, then disconnect it when maxblast tells you to shut down the system when it completes the operation. Then you'll have a complete backup drive to use if the ssd fails.
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