Will ati 7750 work on 16amps on 12v rail


My specs

i3 540
2gb ram
500 gb 7200rpm sata
hd 4350

Psu - 450w 16amps on 12v rail.......

Will it work.......?????
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  1. 7750 doesn't use a PCIe PSU connector, it's powered from the bus. So yeah.
  2. sure??
  3. 16A is cutting it. I would do it for myself, but I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone else. If you want to try it, try at your own risk.

    I would recommend a new power supply. In theory, that is enough power, but you can't trust power supplies from like Dell or HP sometimes.
  4. what do u say???
  5. I say try at your own risk.
  6. There is no connector on the 7750. It is powered from the 75w bus on the motherboard. Your PSU is fine, 16a is 192W.
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