Zotac gtx 650(1gb) vs 550ti (1gb)which one better?

i want to know that this gpu is sucess in gaming or not.i want to play games in max like crysis2,bf3 etc
pc specs are
cpu-i5 2550
psu-corsair vs450w
mobo gab75md3h
screen samsung 1360x760( need gpu with this resolution)
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  1. GTX 550ti.

    At that resolution, BF3, and Crysis 2 should be perfectly fine.

    Why not a 7770?
  2. GTX 550 Ti has Fermi 2nd gen while GTX 650 has Kepler 1st gen.
    Kepler is more efficient but the 2nd gen (which is used in GTX 780) is better (because of it's performance).
    Compared to 2nd gen Fermi, 1st gen Kepler is almost the same.
    Except the texel rate, the 550 Ti wins hands down.
  3. lol why digging thread from 2012?

    performance wise both card was about equal actually. but 650 do it with way less power than 550Ti (116w vs 64w).

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