My mother board is asus p5kpl-am/ps which ddrs does it supports please tell i wa

hai i have purchased asus p5kpl-am/ps mother board 1 year ago

it contains 1gb ram but i dont no which ddr it is

iwant to buy 2gb or 4gb ram

as i dont know about the ddr of it iam in a confusion for what ram to buy

and also please tell which ddr graphic card does it supports

pls pls help me

i think you would understand the above paragraph
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  1. I think you should had made this post here -

    Any info you might want on this motherboard can be found here -
    and probably in the box as well.

    Supports DDR2 memory.
    Guess you could have any graphics card in there, but since is a fairly old motherboard you can't have a good over all system with it and a too power-full graphics card would just be a waste.

    Hint: next time just check the format of the memory slot, ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 are all different or just use a software like CPU-Z to check your current memory.
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