MSI GTX 660 ti OC edition - $239 - Recertified

I am currently looking at purchasing a Recertified MSI GTX 660 ti overclocked edition for $239 and they will throw in Borderlands 2 for free.

I emailed them and they said the card only has 90 days warranty vs 3 year warranty new.

Would it be a good idea to buy the card or should I not deal with it?
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  1. Graphics cards are pretty reliable when they are handled properly and used under the right conditions with a more than adequate power supply. I'd say it's worth it. If it fails then it will probably be so many years down the road that you will want to replace it anyway. The savings are pretty huge there.
  2. Yeah, I may go with it but that 90 day is keeping me at distance for the moment.

    I can also sell my Borderlands 2 copy for about $25, and bring down the price to $215.

    What would you recommend as far as keeping it in good condition?

    I have a i5 3570k stock fan and a 650w PSU

    and a Rosewill case with one fan on top, one on the back, and one on the front.

    It has an option for two more on the side.

    Would this be good enough?

    I don't plan on overclocking anything.
  3. I need to know more than that about your power supply to even start to say whether it's good enough. Most people only look at the wattage but I look at things like the brand, how many amps are on the +12 volt rail, whether or not it is 80+ certified.. Your CPU is good but it won't have any effect on the life of your graphics card. And as long as your case has good ventilation and plenty of room inside you should be good. The power supply is the main thing you want to look at. Really you will probably be fine because these new cards are extremely power efficient. Just look at your +12 volt rails and see if the amps on them add up to at least 40.
  4. This is my PSU

    Also, I may have found why the price of the card is so low,18013.html

    This is my first build so i dont know if it serious concern or not.
  5. It's plenty good enough for a single midrange card like the one you're wanting to buy but not enough for sli. Unless the card is already faulty it should last a good while. Those recertified products just come standard with a 90 day warranty. It's nothing against the card it's just store policy. The recertified and refurbished products are actually double checked and fixed if that's necessary. Often times they never had problems to begin with.
  6. Get an EVGA Geforce 660GTX 2gb 192BIT Heavily overclocked for 229$
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