Once again, it really gets hot!

My inno3d gtx 660 iChill hits 83*C while gaming, I feel that it is way too much. I tried putting 3 other fans in my Tower, but the temperature doesn't seem to change a bit. Should I call those WHO sold it to me, and crave my Money back or what, because I think above 80*C is unacceptable!
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  1. Plz can someone share their knowledge with me?
  2. But, couldn't that be because of the fan speed being bumped up to 100%?
  3. I assume you mean in the review I've linked to. No, I don't see anything about them manually controlling the fan speed.
  4. what your ambient temp?

    but as aicom said, it probably bad cooler...

    anyways had u tried update the GPU driver... I read it somewhere it helps..
  5. I got the latest driver, but the cooler should be pretty decent?
  6. Idle temperature is 30-40 *C
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