Graphic Card Issue? Plz Help


just recently got my new comp however for the past 2 weeks its been making a squeaking noise.. its not continous but happens once or twice every 20min for a sec. Everytime the squeaking noise comes up the my screen slightly freezes the same duration.

Im guessing its the graphics card not sure.. I am using Asus gtx 670.. any ideas.. it also seems to happen more freq when im playing games but again twice or so every 20min. not sure

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  1. The sound can be down to a faulty coil or capacitor on the card, The other noise can come about due to a lack of extra power provided from the PSU unit to the extra power pins of the graphics card. It may be your power supply is border line on pushing enough Juice to power the card fully at high load.
  2. I am using a 850w power supply i tried contacting computer repair store they said it looks like a fan issue.. not too sure do u think that if its the fan i would actually cause the screen to freeze for the sec or two when the noise comes up?
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