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7950 or 670

Buying a new GPU today and I was wondering what the difference is between these 7950s:

Which one of these should I buy?

Also is this 670 any good?:

Its on sale today and tomorrow only I was wondering if I should stretch my budget and buy it or stick with the 7950.

Thanks in advance.
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    The clocks go up 30Hz, and memory goes up slightly on the second. 3rd has 50Hz overclock but no memory clock.

    The 7950 overclocks easily so tiny factory overlooks like those are kinda pointless. Id get the cheapest one, I prefer sapphire anyway, and its at newegg. Very good RMA experience with them as well. Lots of people like the twin frozer cards. I personally don't care for gigabyte.

    They are all quality brands though, so it doesn't really matter which
  2. The 7950 with boost is pointless because of its overclock-ability, as said above. And Sapphire is one of the most reliable brands out there.
  3. I think it comes down to a personal preference between all those i don't think i could go for a reference 670 that cost more and doesn't give me three free games so if it was me i go for the second link but to each his/her own.
  4. I would say get the 7950 because Nvidia is overpriced, AMD just beats them at every price point.
  5. Hey man I was having the exact same delimma yesterday. A couple of guys around here really helped me out. Check this thread out.

    Hope it helps. I'm planning on getting the HD7950 from here
  6. Oh just saw that the two guys Big CYCO and LIMERICK are helping you out.
  7. How about the 7970? Is it not worth it only because it is marginally faster?
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  9. Bought the 299$ 7950 today. thanks again guys.
  10. No problem your welcome enjoy!
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