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So I just finished building my computer and installing Windows 7. I tried to install drivers for my hardware, but i do not know if it was successful or not. I went to add and remove programs ad this is what i had. Please tell me if i got it right.

AMD Catalyst

Intel Management Engine Components

Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver

Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 10.0.40219

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x84 10.0.40219

Realtek Ethernet Diagnostic Utility

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

My MOBO was a Asus P8Z77-V LK and my GPU was a XFX Radeon 7870
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  1. if you go into 'Device Manager' does anything have a yellow exclamation mark? did you install the Intel Chipset Driver? also looks like you have a Asmedia USB 3.0 but i don't see a driver installed for that. and did you download the latest driver from
  2. OK I went to device manager and these things had yellow exclamation marks.

    802.11n WLAN Adapter

    Ethernet Controller

    SM Bus Controller

    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

    I am fairly certain I installed a chipset driver.
  3. So, next step is,
    you go to the ASUS site, search for the newest drivers for your mobo, and download the missing (yellow exclamation mark) drivers.
    Install them (don't forget to restart after every single one), and you're good to go.

    Simple as that :)
  4. I can't really find them.
  5. also make sure you have Device Installation settings set to yes. that way windows will search windows update for you. you are still better off installing the newest drivers from the asus website.
  6. go to the url below and set the version to windows 7 and im guess you are using x64? download and install the 3 below and then see what still has exclamation marks. some of the other drivers on the site might be newer then what you installed off the cd. its up to you if you want to install the newer versions.

    Intel Chipset Driver V9.3.0.1019
    Intel VGA Driver V9.17.10.2828
    Asmedia USB 3.0 Driver V1.16.2.0
  7. I am installing the VGA and USB ones but I can't find the right version for the chip set, also what do i do when I open them?
  8. under chipset its the bottom one. save them to the desktop. if they are exe files just run them and follow the prompts. if they are zip files like the intel chipset. double click and in the windows that pops up click extract. then in the new folder that opens run the setup exe.

    Intel Chipset Driver V9.3.0.1019 for Windows Win7 64bit---(WHQL).
  9. OK I am downloading now and then I will transfer the files to the computer by flash drive, after that I will come back.
  10. OK I just finished, now the only things that need updates are

    802.11n WLAN Adapter

    Ethernet Controller
  11. after you put your machine together and installed windows.......... the next step would have been to load the cd that came with the motherboard and installed the drivers from that. look and you will see those 2 missing drivers there.
  12. Thanks bro after I update windows and get an antivirus my computer will finally be complete <3
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