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Hello i have a 6870 1gb and i want to check if this is normal, i have 100mhz core clock and 150mhz mem clock.
also i have 1866mhz ram but it says i only have 667mhz? :/
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  1. Don't trust 3dmark, it often displays bad information. Use CPU-z instead. You can download it from
  2. Memory
    8192 MB
    Module 1
    4096 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHz
    Module 2
    4096 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHz

    you have 2 Memory modules it uses the both so 667+667=1866MHz Ram nothing is wrong but you have 8GB

    so 4 of those gbs are 667MHz
    and the other 4 are 667Mhz so if you add them together they are 1866Mhz thats what you play on
  3. 667 + 667 = 1334 actually.
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