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Lots of sudden BSODs

Last response: in Systems
December 21, 2012 6:37:16 PM

My PC started chain blue screening randomly today. It started acting funny about 2 or 3 days ago with explorer crashes. BCcodes include 24, 50, a, 3b and 24.

I am running:
GA-890FXA-UD5 Rev. MB,
Phenom II x6 1090T,
2x HD5770 1Gb crossfired,
2x4Gb Gskill sniper DDR3 1600.

Cpu: 3.8Ghz, Bridge Freq: 240, Multiplier: X12, 1.45v, Max Temp: 45C (evo 212+)
RAM: x6.6-1584, 1.6v, 8-9-8-25-2T
His 5770 1gb (850/1200) oc (875/1200) max temp: 53C
Ati 5770 1gb (500/1200) oc (875/1200) max temp: 70C

Started acting up after latest Ati driver update from 12.8 to 12.10. Not sure if its a coincidence or not, but i cant revert back to 12.8 cause i bsd half way though every time. The computer has been stable with all the overclocking for over a month, everything started after the 12.10 driver, however i just feel like there is too much going on with the diversity of the bsods then a simple driver error.

Im assuming its either i fried the Ram, the hard drive is starting to fail or im having some serious driver issues.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

p.s. My HDD is a 3tb western digital 7200rpm. for some reason though, it will only allow me to partition and use 2tb of it.

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December 22, 2012 12:07:33 AM

You can probably check the driver by starting in safe mode, removing the driver and reinstalling the 10.8
or installing the latest ccc and drivers 10.11 HERE-
You can check the ram by running memtest - click on the free download link on the left - and/or removing them and trying them one stick at a time.
You might want to remove all the overclocks to see if it runs in normal/stock settings.

Run hard drive diagnostics: http://www.tacktech....ay.cfm?ttid=287 for code 24
The BCCode 50 usually occurs after the installation of faulty hardware or in the event of failure of installed hardware (usually related to defective RAM).
bsod code 3b is usually a driver
January 13, 2013 12:12:57 PM

Hi i removed all my overclocking and have been Bsod free since 12/21/12. Now today i have gotten 2 more bsods. 124 and 3b. I got a dmp viewer and it seems like most of my blue screens originate with ntoskrnl.exe. these latest 2 where hal.dll/ntoskrnl.exe and dxgmms1.sys.

BCcode: Driver // cause Address // Crash Address

124: hal.dll // hal.dll+12a3b // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

3b: dxgmms1.sys // dxgmms1.sys+acb2 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

24: Ntfs.sys // Ntfs.sys+acc7f // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

24: Ntfs.sys // mtfs.sys+acea9 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

3b: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

a: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

50: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

Do you think my processor may be dying?