GTX 660 (factory oc) - ASUS or EVGA

ASUS GTX660-DC2O-2GD5 GeForce GTX 660
EVGA 02G-P4-2663-KR GeForce GTX 660 FTW

The last few components of my first build will arrive this week, other than the graphics card. I prefer Nvidia and my budget is under $300. Both cards are about the same price, at no more than $10 difference shipped to my door I want the better I do not think the 660ti is worth the additional cost for the performance increase. Also, a 660 will run everything I need it to now.

I have heard good things about both manufacturers. Notably that the ASUS runs cooler? But I am unsure if that is a comparison to the other EVGA 660s which have one fan while the FTW has 2 fans.

Another thing is that the EVGA is the FTW core clock @ 1072MHz/1137MHz and the ASUS is the OC, not the TOP, core clock @ 1020MHz/1085MHz. The ASUS TOP (GTX-DC2T-2GD5) seems to be on backorder at any of the discount retailers I have checked. I know this means the EVGA should be a bit faster right out of the box, would be asking with a direct comparison to the ASUS version of that card if it were available.

The rest of my build:
Core i5-3570k
Corsair 16GB @1600 10-10-10-27 (2x8GB)
WD Velociraptor 300GB
Corsair HX-750
Corsair 400r
Win7 64 Home Premium
DVD burner

Will be using a 32" LCD 1080p TV initially, plan to buy a pair of matching monitors later 22-24 in (game on one). Will add SSD after the holiday season, possibly a larger storage drive as well, but the Velociraptor for under 100 bucks was too good to pass up.
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  1. go for EVGA FTW version. cheaper plus it has higher OC out of the box. 660Ti are better but can you find one under 300?
  2. In fact, yes the 660ti (apples to apples vs the 660s... EVGA and ASUS factory oc'd) are $280-320 after MIR. But I've already gone over budget on my build with HX750 (though I got it for $105) and the 16GB of Corsair Dominator ($73) along with a few other parts that added 10 bucks here 20 bucks there. Though I feel I did well, $820 after MIR (including a Zalman cpu cooler and Artic Silver paste) and the only thing left is a graphics card. Considering my original budget was under $950 for the tower, a 660 is really my limit. Also, I feel that once you break the $300 barrier, may as well spend the extra $60-80 for a 670.
  3. I got a MSI 660 OC. I was debating between a 660, 660 ti, and 670. Got my 660 for $230 before $10 rebate. It works for me. Maxes out WoW & BF3. I am having some graphical issues with bf3 but I usually stay capped at 60 fps in MP with aax2. aax4 I get around 53 fps. I dont notice a difference between the two.

    I am glad I didn't waste all that money for a faster card. Ended up getting a SSD with my savings.
  4. So... grab the slightly lower priced and faster EVGA FTW mostly because its a bit faster than the ASUS DC2O, and I can't find an ASUS 660 DC2T (Top with same clock as FTW)?

    Is there any difference between the two in build quality? Again the ASUS is cooler... but is that only vs the single fan EVGAs? Any standout features from one of the manufactures that I've overlooked?
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