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Hi guys, I'm new to these forums and I need expert help.

I live in Belgium and I am planning to make my own gaming system. As this will be my first, I have asked for the help of my friend who has been building pc's for 7 years to show me the ropes and be there every step of the proces.

Onto the real question. So as part of a christmas gift i got 3 monitors: 3 times the Asus VG278HE. (Don't worry I did not pay anywhere near full price for them)

As your probably already guessed I would like to build a system that can handle these 3 monitors at the same time. I would like to build a system that can run GW2 on ultra on all 3 monitors. I also want it to last for while.

I actually have no idea what type of buget I will need for this, so any pointers to get me started would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I would get 2 7970's and an i5 3570k. Also check out the 670 and 680, as I am not sure how much nvidia and amd costs in Belgium
  2. 1500€ should be adequate if you don't want to overspend. XFire 7970 sounds the part.
  3. So about 1500 for a rig that can run all current (and 2013 ) games on max setting, in an eyefinity setup with 3 of those monitors?
  4. I can't promise you the future but yes, I believe 2 7970 3 GBs would handle it for now.
  5. Yes, if you don't trust us, you could get a 3820 and an x79 board, and another 7970, but I don't think you will be happy with your choice.
  6. Don't worry I trust you guys. When I say future I mean that I want to run everything on max next year this time. Dual 7970 I will go. Do you suggest any particular type?
  7. Dual 7970s is about as good as dual GPUs get, so there should be no regrets.
  8. Yeah, it will be good. I see no need for you to get a card stronger than that. You could also look at a 7990.
  9. I have another question (not going to make a new topic). I'll have to wait a few weeks to get my parts. In the meantime, I have a laptop with a 7970M and an i73630. Could this handle eyefinity reasonably? (not on max)
  10. Not very likely. Laptop 7970 does not equal desktop 7970.
  11. Yeah, I don't think I would try to do that with eyefinity.
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