Power supply problem or motherboard?

Ok. so i'm having problems with my computer once again i believe i posted here before about this. but this is an even more strange problem.

so i had my custom Build working for about a month, and recently, (2 days ago) i had turned it off like usual start turn off etc. and then the next morning. i went to turn it on again. and it won't turn on just no fans spinning nothing. well this morning i had plugged everything back in to give it another shot, and well it turned on but the strange thing is here, before i pressed the button on my case. the front of the case had a light on it only had the power supply switch on though, so i went to turn it back on it worked again. but for a split moment only because i turned it off to plug it into a power strip. well i unplugged and plugged it back into the power strip again, and the same thing happens. it doesn't turn on again. i'm thinking of taking it to a repair guy who does diagnosis for free in my town. but was wondering before i go there if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this.

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  1. Be sure your power switch lead is in the correct position, and no wires or loose screws are under the board. You may just want to remount the whole board and start over, but handle the board with care if you want to rma it. They are checked carefully for any surface damage before the rma is approved.
  2. it is in the correct position.
  3. Did you buy a really cheap power supply? Might be going funny
  4. i bought this power supply


    in september 2011,
  5. It could well be the PSU. Coolmax is a well know very unreliable brand which is often unable to meet the posted wattage of their units.
  6. We'll see what the repair guy says i guess i just got back from taking it to him.

    responding to what tiny voices said, i didn't know that coolmax didn't meet there posted wattage is there proof of this?
  7. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/977

    This article shows their 750w supply fails at 450w. They are known to print fake 80+ certified badges (google the scandal).

    Here is their 500w supply failing at 380w:


    They make crap PSU's. I would be very willing to bet yours has failed.
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