NEW PC, Windows setup Error ?

Hey guys,

I just got my new PC in the mail today

I opted for the no operating system route

From my understanding, all you need to do is pop the OS disc in and it'll start doing its thing

But 4 minutes into it, I get this message:

What should I do ?
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  1. Try to run the installation again and see if you get the error at the same point during the install.
  2. oh wait

    can i not use HP's windows xp professional set up disc on my new pc which isn't an HP ?
  3. No. Proprietary OSs only work for that particular machine. It's hardcoded. What OS are you trying to install on the new machine? What is the processor of the new machine 32 or 64 bit.
  4. i also have another windows xp professional set up disc that i got with a refurbished PC,

    the activation code is on the PC itself
  5. i'm trying to install windows XP professional
  6. im pretty sure its 64 bit

    it's an i5

    i think it's the ivy bridge
  7. I would strongly recommend buying a legitimate copy of Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium SP1. If you continue to have problems, please post back.
  8. ummmm

    would using the 2nd OS set up disc work ?

    since i already installed some, using the 1st disc

    can i try using the 2nd disc ? and not run into any problems

    I mean, i have all these discs, its not like i didn't pay for them
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