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Need Video Card Advice :)

Greetings tech community!

I recently bought a prebuilt computer for my little brother, an HP Pavilion P7 1262 from Microcenter here in Denver. He is by all means a console gamer but now wants to try a couple recent titles for PC.

What would be a good graphics card solution for this PC without upgrading anything else? This is limited by the 300w power supply. But I'm also a bit confused as to whether or not I can use a PCI x16 2.0 card or just the earlier gen version PCI x16.

The expansion slot description reads: 1 PCI Express x16 (Gen2.0)

Direct link to the PC here: HP Pavilion P7 1262 specs

Any help and / or clarification would be most appreciated!
Thanks for reading!
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    A Radeon 7750 would be the highest series video card you could put in that system. Not because of the PCIE slot but because of the PSU. The 7750 doesn't use an external power connector and draws all of it's power from the PCIE slot.

    Unfortunately with a 7750 he's not going to see "amazing" performance but it will still be better than the 720p the consoles output at.
  2. the 7750 is the way to go. i would also recommend a power supply upgrade to something like a xfx 550w and then it would be possible to put any video card into the rig
  3. Quote:
    A Radeon 7750 would be the highest series video card you could put in that system

    Cool. I notice those cards are 'PCI express 3.0 x16. That is compatible with this mobo? I'm confused with this.
    I also read that a 400w power supply is required. I would have to upgrade his PSU for this card. Which is out of the question. I'm only interested in a video card, not a video card + new PSU.

    I'm only interested in a card that can run off a 300w PSU, as this is the PSU that came with the computer.
    I am not interested in upgrading anything else. JUST a new card that will run off this system

    He's not interested in 'amazing performance' - JUST a card that will play recent titles such as Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, etc. Doesn't have to be on ULTRA settings, just something better than the 'Intel Integrated HD 2000' graphics...
  4. You won't have to upgrade the psu because it draws power right out of the PCIE slot. Ok?
  5. It will work.
  6. pci-e3 works in pci-e 1.0 slots as well. the 7750 isnt enough to saturate the bandwidth

    well thats the thing with pre-built power supplies. they are always crappy and are built to be just enough for the system to be running
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  8. Ahhhhh..... Goodness I misunderstood at first. That makes sense now, lol I feel 'slow'.

    Thanks so much for the input and explanation! You guys are the best!
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