Repair of Monitor Cable to Video Card

After multiple tests, I finally figured out why my monitor was showing only blue and yellow (no red): The monitor cable --after all these years-- has finally broken (or to be exact one of the wires inside the cable appears to be loose) about two inches before it connects to the video card. If I move the wire 'just so' and apply pressure to it, the monitor shows its full array of colors.

The cable unfortunately is attached to the monitor. (At first I thought I could simply unplug the cable and replace it.)

Question: Is there any way of repairing this cable? Is it easily replaceable? (This is a Dell Monitor that came with my old Pentium 90.) Is it safe to open up the monitor --I am aware of the shock potential-- and simply replace the cable.

Does it have to be a specific cable or can any generic cable do the job?

Thanks. I have never messed around with monitors.

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  1. Is the cable coming out of the back of the monitor? I mean is it sliding out of the connector in back more than it should?

    You can just do a cut and solder/splice job on it. That should fix it. If the cable is coming out of the interface/PCB connection you might have to do some more intricate soldering. Hopefully it is only inside the cable or just at the end closest to the monitor. If you are going to use another cable to splice into it, use the correctly specified cable to be safe. It is probably a 80oC 30V Low Power cable. If not, read the specs off your cable and find the equivalent.

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  2. Howdy Bum_JCRules,

    Sorry for the delayed reply... we have been running around Xmas shopping.

    Unfortunately, the cable is broken at the point where it goes into the some kind of filter (I presume the "interface/PCB connection"):

    ***____ /

    (pay no attention to the *)

    The specific lettering on my cable is:
    amw e101344 style 2919 80oC 30v Space Shuttle vw1 Low Voltage Computer Cable.

    Do I have to find that specific cable or will any 80oC 30v Low Voltage cable do?

    Is it possible to open up the monitor case and simply replace the cable?

    Where can I purchase such a cable?

    Thanks a zillion! Have a wonderful Holiday.

  3. If this is a cheap monitor (15"), I would just buy a new one.

    You could just open up the monitor and see how difficult it would be to replace the whole cable. Just be careful because the tube can store enough voltage to shock the HELL out of you (even if its unplugged).

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  4. Thanks. It is a cheap 15" monitor.... I just like to fix things whenever possible... and within my skills.

    Have a nice Holiday.
  5. In that case go for it dude! I know how you feel, I like to tinker around with this stuff too.

    If you open the monitor up and don't like what you see (i.e. to difficult), then just try splicing a new one where the cable is bad. It sounds like your problem is right where the filter is, right? If so that might be tough to replace- I don't know. If you could get another one with the filter on it, then I'd go for it.

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