How-To: Change Your IP Address in Windows 7

Dear Sir,
How to change IP address in windows 7
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  3. MinMin said:
    Dear Sir,
    How to change IP address in windows 7

    There are two types of ip address we are using :
    1)Static ip address
    2)Dyamic ip address

    If your ip address is static you cannot change. But if your ip address is dynamic you can change easily . If you want to change your dynamic ip using the following methods.

    step 1) Go to Start->Run->Cmd->Press Enter..
    Type in ipconfig/release for Current IP address and then type ipconfig/renew for New IP address.

    or you can do it the the following second method

    step 2) You can change easily turn off your computer or modem and on.

    Doing either step 1 or 2 will change your Dynamic IP address

    To check the ip address before and after changing, Visit the site .Here you can search IP,domain host and it also includes city, country, global latitude & longitude coordinates etc.

  4. Hey I'm sorry to burglarize this thread but I just followed those exact steps and I checked my ip address before and after as you suggested but with no changes according to the link you provided. Any idea why that didn't work?

    os: win7 64bit
    isp: Charter
  5. OK Well First of all ignore some of what the above post advises.

    For the most part you have one ip address on your PC which is either a Static or DHCP allocated (Dynamic) address.

    Most people if they don't know how to change it and its a home machine will have the latter.

    To change that address you would have to go in to control panel, Network and sharing Centre, then Change adaptor settings. right click the device that is connected to the network and click Properties. The resulting window will show the List with Internet Protocol 4. Double Click this and you can set what you like.

    The above post does not set your IP it simply renews the one allocated from the DHCP server (Normally your router) 99 out of 100 you will get the same address back.

    The link above also only shows you the external - internet IP address which you can not change without either your ISP Chaning it, Using VPN, Using a Proxy or buy buying a static IP address and setting up the computer to use it.
  6. really appreciate the help. that is what i needed to know. thanks
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