Best gpu for eyefinity?

I currently have 3 27' monitors running in eyefinity. Everything works good but I recently came in to some money so I'm looking to upgrade my card. The way my case is setup doesn't really allow for multiple cards so I'm looking for the best single card. I was looking at the 690 but in a previous post I was told:

"The trouble with the $1000 GTX 690 for surround is the 2gb of vram per chip. For $1000 I'd want something a little more future-proofed for surround like 2 x 680 4gb. Actually, I'd probably go for 2 x 7970 ghz ed. OCed (less expensive, better value). But I personally wouldn't buy a 690 for surround because of its vram."

With that in mind, I was looking at the 7970 Toxic 6gb. Which is better for what I'm looking for or is there a better option out there? Thanks for the help!
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    You right..
    2gb memory will not suffice for future just makes your expensive gpu hit a wall..

    Maybe this card below slightly a better choice, since you cant sli/cf your system..

    Powercolor HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB..
    well, this card officially fastest single card rightnow..
    and it is provide 3gb ram for each gpu..

    and it will fit in your case..:D

    well, you can read the review in here..
  2. I agree with him above. That card is a beast. It beats the 690 and is cheaper.
  3. Is this card available right now for purchase?
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  5. TheNewman said:
    Is this card available right now for purchase?

    Yes, but it's a hot item so stock (which is very limited) comes in, and they get snatched up very fast. Keep an eye peeled and you'll spot one.
    There are two by Powercolor if you fancy a cheaper price with their stock settings:
    Or the factory overclocked version mentioned earlier:
  6. Since that's my quote from the first post I'll weigh-in. The 7990 is a non-reference design. Powercolor designed it themselves. It didn't start out well... if you read the TechpowerUp article:
    Important: All data in this review was obtained after I repaired a major design error of the card. When I received it, the card ran extremely high temperatures, reaching beyond 100°C, causing instability and black screen hangs. The fan would also run at 100% almost instantly. This is caused by screws with integrated stop that resulted in too little mounting pressure between GPU and heatsink, clearly an engineering oversight. ... This whole review was conducted under the assumption that PowerColor would fix the bad contact between cooler and GPU that was present on my sample (check page 1). Let's hope that the changes by PowerColor will provide similar cooling performance, otherwise large portions of this review will be obsolete. ... Update: PowerColor just told us that they are working on the mounting issue and halted all shipments of production boards to investigate. No retail cards should be affected.

    I realize that Powercolor stated that the problem wouldn't be present in retail cards, but problems like that are why I don't recommend non-reference super-beasts like that card. I'd be worried about longevity with a card like that. Add a 2nd 7970 to your existing 7970 in XFire and you'll have at least the same performance as the Devil13 and won't have to worry about weird problems with it. $1000 card with a 2-year warranty?
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