Is this power supply sufficient for these GPUs? Also, which GPU?

I am hoping to get a new video card and PSU for Christmas, but need to know if the power supply I want is enough for the video cards.

Video Cards I am looking at (also tell me which is better):

ASUS Radeon 7750 1GB

Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1GB

Power Supply:
Corsair CX430

I understand that the Geforce is better, but that it takes much more power. Which should I get, since I am upgrading an old desktop?
I would like some statistics/facts to back up answers, thank you very much!
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  1. I would go with the GTX550Ti, better card at that price. A 400 watt power supply is listed minimum for the Nvidia, but check the specs listed in these two tables for video cards.
  2. Okay, so should this PSU be enough? I understand that there is the 400w, but what about the 12v ampage?
  3. The 12v rail has 32 amps, so that should be enough, but if you plan to overclock or SLI the video card then i would go to a 600 watt Corsair.
  4. Is a PCI-E x16 power connecter the same thing as a 6 pin connector that is needed for the card?
  5. Yes it is. Some power supplies have a 6 pin+2 PCI-E connector for a total of 8 pins for a more powerfull card.
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