Desktop Icons Won't Stay Put!

So, as the title says, my desktop icons wont stay put. This only just happened 2 days ago, Sunday my icons were where I put them, and not moving on their own. Suddenly Monday they are auto arranged on the left side in no particular order.

So, what is causing this?

First let me say, I have already checked, auto arrange is NOT on. I've also not right clicked my desktop and clicked sort by >. This problem is happening on boot up, I can move an icon to a different spot, reboot and it will be moved back to the left side of my screen. I do have a dual monitor setup, I have a 22" asus monitor hooked up through HDMI to DVI (HDMI end is on the monitor), and then a 40" tv hooked up from HDMI to HDMI. Both monitors are running into a single HIS 6950 2GB model video card. I've had this working fine since last September.

The only coincidence I can think of that may have caused this is my graphic drivers. If my memory serves me correctly I updated from 12.11 to 12.12 for the ATI card Sunday night after it popped up and bugged me and I decided I wasnt lazy enough to have it remind me again a week later. So I went ahead and updated, all worked fine, shut down and booted pc back up the next day (Monday) and sure enough icons moved. either thats the problem or it's a huge coincidence. I'm going to roll the drivers back to the 12.11 version to test this theory but I was curious if anyone else had heard reports of this, or even experienced this problem themselves, and if so was it the same 12.12 drivers I mentioned or something else? And obviously if they had this problem if they found a solution?

I'll report back with my findings on the driver rollback and whether or not that was it.
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