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I recently bought a system but got laid off before I could buy a 670 :-( anyways I have a 3570k as rock extreme 4 z77 8 gb or ram looking for a cheap fix for my graphics solution. I have a chance to get two 6770 for 100$. As of right now I'm running off the hd4000 just looking for something to get me by until I can afford the 670. Should I get the two or just buy a $100 card performance wise which would be better ?
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  1. Two Radeon HD 6770 Crossfired should perform better than any single $100 graphics card in games that supports XFire.

    If the following is your mobo then it will support XFire.
  2. That's what I was thinking. Are the 6770 power hungry? How big of a psu I need to push them in xfire ?
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    Two Radeon HD 6770 in CrossFire should be similar in performance to a single Radeon HD 7850.

    For two Radeon HD 6770 in CrossFire AMD specifies a minimum of an 600 Watt or greater power supply. The power supply should also have a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 32 Amps or greater and have at least two 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors.
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