ASRock Z77 extreme4 Boot Menu load issues

Motherboard is an ASRock Z77 Extreme4, CPU is an i7-3770k, 16GB RAM etc.
The problem I'm having is that while the computer will boot into windows properly, if I choose any of the options on the ASRock Splash Screen for example F2/Del for BIOS or F6 for Flashing Tools it simply hangs on a black screen.
So far the only thing I can think of trying is clearing the CMOS however that only results in the computer being unbootable for some undefined length of time with the BIOS now becoming available but post splash screen hanging with an e in the top left of the screen.
When this issue is resolved by some means and the e is problem removed, it will boot again, but all of the boot options once again become unusable.
Cheers in advance, Benson
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  1. Bump. :|
  2. make sure that the mb bios is up to date...make sure ram xmp profile is on so that the mb can set the ram speed and timing up right.
  3. Problem is that all boot options hang, bios updating included.
  4. take out all ram but one stick and see if it changes.
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