Computer stopped turning on overnight

Hello, I have self built pc that worked fine yesterday but wouldnt turn on today i opened it up and the mboard seems fine and even the usbs connected to it have power Im starting to think its the power switch but i want to make sure its not the mboard what should i do?
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  1. Open her up and look at the front panel header on the motherboard. Look for and when you find the power switch connection remove the wire plugs, use a screwdriver to jump the 2 pins and see if it starts then. That will confirm or disprove the power switch issue.
  2. I did that and all I heard was a little sound in the power supply the sound wouldnt repeat unless i re-plug the power cord to the power supply,however i still dont think the problem is the motherboard because there is power running through all its usbs and even the front panel usbs that are connected to the mboard via wire Im probably getting a new case tomorow that comes with a new power supply i really hope that works i dont want a new mb :( thanks for your help
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