Looking to upgrade graphics card in HP Pavilion Elite m9265


I have inherited the above HP machine M9265.

It has the NVIDIA Gefore 8600GT card in it and runs things quite sweetly. Due to the fact that it has 6GB of RAM, I'm hoping to upgrade the video card.

I am looking at the following and want to know if they will be suitable:

Asus GeForce GTX 650Ti 1024MB GDDR5

MSI GeForce GT 630 4096MB GDDR3

Or is there anything else anyone can suggest please?
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  1. Further Details:

    This is the oiginal Spec of the machine

    If anyone can point me to any UK suppliers that are reasonable too that would be great. I've searched overclockers.co.uk scan computers, ebuyer and novatech but there must be more (and cheaper)
  2. Why the upgrade if the system is running well?
  3. The GTX 650 tI 1 GB is a major upgrade on an 8600GT and a GT 630.

    GT 630 is an update on a GT430, runs about 110 MHz faster than a "stock" GT430. More than 1 GB DDR3 is pure marketing nonsense.
    For what it is worth a Trinity A-5800K has better graphics.

    Generally 512 MB DDR5 ~1 GB DDR3 memory and faster.
    I suppose 1 GB DDR5 equals any amount of DDR3.

    Please check if your power supply has a 6 pin or 6/8 pin PCIe connector for video cards or not. If you have 2 molex 4 pin connectors you can use adapters.

    8600GT no power connections needed.
    GT630 no power connections needed.
    GTX 650 Ti requires one 6pin power connector.

    The AMD HD6670 (now 7670,lol) is arguably the best price/performance entry card.
    The AMD HD7750 is the fastest card without needing a power plug.

    Really toms does a good monthly write up on Video cards for gaming, with basic explainations. You should start there.

    Further, what games at what resolution and settings are you interested in?
  4. Thanks for the reply that is really helpful. I am looking to play fps and rpg style games. I have dishonoured running but it doesn't look as good as it could.

    Walterm that advice was brilliant exactly the Kim of info I need.

    I'm looking at a new system build now from scratch. I wonder if u could bounce ideas of you about the build I've come up with so far.

    Coozie7 I'm afraid I am one of these people who likes things just so. I've also just bough my first house and the missus has let me have my own man cave for gaming do I want to make the most of what I have in there.
  5. Walterm gives some good advice.
    If you aim at the more powerful cards (GTC650/660) it would be a good idea to replace the powersupply. Over time they lose their output-it's called 'capacitor ageing'-
    and I suspect the existing unit is the original 350 Watt component the system shipped with so it's now several years old.
    If you cannot afford to get both PSU and card together I'd suggest you folow Walterms advice and go for the HD7750, it'll run just fine off your existing PSU and will be a startling upgrade from the current 8600.
    You could (finances permitting) get a powersupply and card for the new rig you're planning and drop them into the existing system for the time being.
    Sounds an odd way of doing it but there is method in my madness. New electronic components tend to fail fairly early on if they're going to fail at all and most places in the US (you have n't said) seem to have a 30 day return policy, this way you get a steller upgrade AND get to test the new hardware on a known, stable system.
    If you do that, just make sure the new parts fit the case ;) .
    Questions about the new build would be better directed to the Homebuild or CPU/motherboard Forums.
    Man caves are good.
  6. Thanks to both of you.

    Excellent recommendations.

    I have looked for the HD 7750 and the information I am getting is that my power supply is not beefy enough.

    CLUB3D Radeon HD 7750

    Another bunch that need 400w

    I am in the UK as I stated in the previous post above if you can find any that would be suitable.

    Thanks for all the help.

  7. 7750 doesnt need 400 watts. 300 watts should be sufficient
  8. Thanks Mohit9206 but you can clearly see that the pages I was looking at say it does...

    Can you find one on the ebuyer site or even google shopping and let me have the link
  9. @ Lozsta: Those recommendations are to 'cover their backs' because there is a lot of cheap, poor quality powersupplies out there-it's not unknown for a non brand '500 Watt' unit to fail under test at half that.
    I also think you'll be fine on your existing powersupply with a HD7750, the PCI-E specs for that card limit its maximum draw to 75 Watts, even allowing a fair bit for ageing that will still leave more than enough to run the rest of the system.
    Dabs, Misco, Aria, Overclockers, Ebuyer, Scan, Pixmania, amongst others...Happy shopping ;).
  10. Thanks Coozie7

    Tha capacitor ageing bit I am with you. The PCI Exxpress 3 is compatible with the MoBo in the M9265
  11. Sapphire HD 7750 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

    This is what I am going for then I guess...
  12. ^Unless you can find one for a better price ;) .
  13. lozsta said:
    Sapphire HD 7750 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

    This is what I am going for then I guess...

    this is exactly the same card i have. its pretty damn good . enjoy :hello: :wahoo:
  14. mohit9206 said:
    this is exactly the same card i have. its pretty damn good . enjoy :hello: :wahoo:

    I did think it looked like your picture.

    Thanks for all your help guys. Sorry for the ignorance, I've not had to pay to build my own PC in about 10 years and I am very out of touch with anything not server standard kit.
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