Is My Gaming Computer Compatible?

Hi there,
I'm building my first gaming computer and I was wondering if the parts I have are compatible, and if this computer could run games (like Battlefield 3) on at least moderately good settings. The parts I'm worried about compatibility mostly are the power supply, graphics card, and cooling (are the fans provided with the case enough?)

Also, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, it's my first post, too.

Graphics Card: ASUS GeForce GTX 560

Power Supply: 500W APEVIA

Motherboard: ASRock Z77


Hard Drive: 1TB 64MB SATA

Optical Drive: DVD/CD Burner/Reader

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912

OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Monitor: ASUS 23"

If have any tips or suggestions, too, please tell me. Thanks!
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  1. I don't see a cpu listed.
    Switch power supplies and get a good solid brand. Something like this Thermaltake TR2 TR-500 500W ATX12V v2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply
    HERE -
    Memory not listed on the QVL nor is it listed as compatible on the gskill website. Maybe something like these G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900)
    F3-14900CL9D-8GBSR They're a little faster and only about $7 more HERE -

    Everything else looks doable.
  2. If this PC is primarily for gaming, I suggest spending less on the CPU and motherboard and spend more on a good graphics card instead. But if you need to have a K Series CPU to overclock with that motherboard (and aftermarket cooler), then I still suggest switching your graphics card to an HD 7850 like this one here:

    XFX Double D FX-785A-ZDF4 Radeon HD 7850 1GB

    And if you can spare a little more money, go with a 2GB card like this one here:

    XFX Core Edition FX-785A-CNL4 Radeon HD 7850 2GB

    Here's an alternative PSU with more power at a lower price after promo code and rebate:

    XFX Core Edition PRO550W

    The G.SKILL Sniper actually costs $2 less after applying the promo code.
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