Help! Possible broken card!

Ao, about a month ago i built a pc (for the first time) and for about 2 weeks it was all good and really nice, but then it started getting annoying, whenever i played a game, after 2 hours or so the screen would go black and say no signal input, no mouse no keyboard response nothing.

I believe the problem lies with the graphics card, and dont know if i need to send it back and get an new card, but i have tried installing new drivers (i have the latest) and it is not heat (i have been monitoring and i allways have low temps)

So if you could reply quickly, it would be good, as i am really loosing patience here and am hungry for a fix
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  1. What is it?

    Yes, go for an RMA. You're probably unlucky.
  2. My graphics card is an Evga Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 ti
  3. I do not know if i will still be under warranty though, as it has been 2 months since i bought it.
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