GPU throttling due to temps?

Hello everyone,

I recently bought XCOM and was quite excited to dig into all the hype, but I seem to have run into a problem. While playing in game my frames drop extremely low, easily within the single digits, I had read somewhere that it sounded like the GPU was overheating and that was causing it to throttle, I have an Nvidia GTX 570. I decided to download a tempurate monitor to see if this is the case. While running XCOM, and even now, without any major programs running I'm sitting between 54-55 C, according to a few converters I used that equals out to 131 F, now that seems hot to me, but I've also read that those temperatures are normal for some cards? The only other game I've had similar issues with is Borderlands 2. The other games that I've been playing: World of Warcraft, Sleeping Dogs, League of Legends, Civilization V, none of them exhibit any of this behavior. I would really like to solve this issue, but I'm not entirely sure what the issue at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. So your running 54-55C IDLE? What about temperatures during games? Have you cleaned the fans on the video card?
  2. The video card isn't even a month old, but, yes, from the monitor that I was using it was saying 55 C. I found it from a quick google search, is there perhaps a GPU temp monitor that is more reliable, for lack of a better word.
  3. I use HW monitor Download it here :

    What case do you have, do you have enough airflow in the case?

    If anything I think you might need to replace the thermal compound, I recently did that to my 6950 after it was going up to 82C while playing BF3, now that is very hot, so I changed the thermal compound and found that when they made the card they put way too much thermal compound, It looked like a big blob of bubble gum, I replaced it and now it stays at 64-67C while playing BF3, 41-42C IDLE.
  4. Is replacing thermal compound on a gpu similar in methodology compared to the cpu? I suppose I could do that, but I'd kind of prefer not to. My computer seems to run fine, and as I said almost every other game I play has no issues whatsoever. I was reading over a thread where someone mentioned updating BIOS, and it solved his problem. So I went to Gigabytes website, downloaded the files I needed, but I ran into a version compatibility issue because i have 64 bit OS. Could that be the reason I'm having this issue on a very few select games? Also how would I get around the compatibility issue?
  5. Your talking about updating your video card drivers? They do have 64 bit drivers, look around in the web site and you will see them.

    Also at what speed is your fan, is it set to auto and if manual what %, I'm talking about the GPU Fan.

    Under supported products it says : GeForce 500 series:
    GTX 590, GTX 580, GTX 570, GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 SE, GTX 560, GTX 555, GTX 550 Ti, GT 545, GT 530, GT 520, 510

    And they are Windows 7 64 bit/Vista 64 bit
  6. I'm talking about bios, not video card drivers. I tried using Gigabytes @BIOS utility to do it, but it didn't seem to work. Upon start up it said an error had occurred and had me load defaults. The BIOS files I downloaded from gigabytes website though said that they weren't compatible with my OS, that's what I was asking for. The only thing I found on there where I could choose the OS was the motherboard drivers themselves, which from my understanding wouldn't do the same thing as the BIOS would.
  7. I still do not think motherboard BIOS has anything to do with temperatures,you mentioned you get single digit fps drops etc, that happened to me,it was in fact my high temperatures,and i fixed it with the thermal compound removal.

    Tell me, what % is your GPU fan at, I always keep mine at 50%,and could you tell me your temperatures while playing your games.
  8. Ok, I decided to run MSI Afterburner, and my default fans were running at 43%, and I was idling around 54-55C. I decided to ramp up the fans to 65%, which is about as high as I can go without the noise levels becoming obnoxious, but I immediately noticed a decrease in temperatures. At 65% I was able to bring my temps down to 46C, and even while running XCOM the highest it got to was 47C. Even with that slight changed I noticed a small increase in frames, but it's still choppy as all can be. This is small performance increase, but nothing notable at the moment. I looked into getting a VGA cooler, but i don't know if the price would justify the gains, especially on a single card, not to mention I don't know how comfortable I am doing the procedure myself. Any other thoughts?
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