New build, motherboard USB problem?

i just built my first build today, and was using this case:

which had a cable for the 2 front USB ports (im assuming, i cant see) and the cable says that its USB 3.0, but i cant find a USB 3.0 slot on my mobo:

does this mean i will not be able to use my 2 front USB slots because its incompatible? i have not actually tried because my monitor has yet to arrive, so i cant boot it up just yet.

im surprised i didn't catch this incompatibility, i researched all the parts extensively and asked tons of people on this forum...
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  1. check if something like this could help there are also some for the back of the case.
  2. the case has USB 3.0 Plug, your mother board doesn't have on board USB3.0, i had the same problem with my mobo/case so i bought

    it has that USB 3 to USB 2 adapter.
  3. It's your motherboard, H61 chipset does not support USB 3.0 so you have to get the header in order to use the two USB slots
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