Eyefinity 2x 6950s

Hey, I'm using 2x 6950s atm, and I used to run with crossfire. Reason why I stopped using crossfire was that my gpu overheated when I used it due to having to connect all 3 monitors to one graphics card (using eyefinity).

So I stopped using crossfire and connected 2 monitors to the secondary gpu and the main monitor to the main gpu. My problem now however is that I can't seem to be able to create an eyefinity display group using all 3 monitors.

Any way, shape, or form this is doable without having to connect all 3 monitors to the same card? ( Can't do that as it overheats within 10 minutes @ 100% fan speed and good airflow).

Any replies are appriciated, thanks!
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  1. No in order to do Eyefinity all the monitors must be connected to the same GPU. I would say to look at the air flow in your case as I had two Sapphire HD 6950's unlocked to 6970's in Crossfire with 3 27" Asus monitors in a Eyefinity with no overheating problems. The only reason I stopped using Crossfire was my intel/Nvidia 560ti crashed the display drivers constantly so I dropped one of my 6950 in it. But with my In Win Dragon Rider case I did not have any heat problems with my GPU's.
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