hi guys
i got a 7850 1gb graphic card ..i was thinking of getting a 2nhd LCD ..i got 2 LCD in the list
1=Dell 22*LCD no model+no idea ..25 KD(kuwait dinner)
2=Hp L2045w ..25 KD ..
was thinking of getting an HD but cant find a 2nhd here + no online selling here..
any help ?
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  1. and wht the different between 1680x1050 vs 1920x1080 ??
  2. 1920x1080 is better - there are more pixels which means image will have better quality in games.
  3. is 1680x1050 worth it for gaming ?
  4. Well, it's better than 720p, but worse than 1080p.
  5. hmm
    so how much is the different ?
    and wth the different ?
  6. "WTH"?

    Well, the difference is in screen width. The screen space itself is around 15% smaller.
  7. 15% less power then full HD i thing HD will be better but it too expensive here
    so will a 20-22 *inch 1680x1050 will do any good for games/movies ?
  8. Yes it will work.
  9. is led better or lcd ??

    every 1 says led is good ....
  10. led is better. Though, the only difference is that it uses light emitting diodes instead of ordinary light source.
  11. is there too much different or just the light ??
  12. Just the light: it lasts much longer, and doesn't break as often.
  13. will lcd/led effect eye ,,any idea how much we get effect ?
  14. You will not see the difference.
  15. hmm
    dvi to hdmi..wht will happen if i chance to hdmi any different ?
  16. I don't really understand your question :/.
  17. sorry ...
    i mean we can convert DVI to HDMI port wht the use of converting it ?
  18. Well, you might want to connect the card with no HDMI slot to TV with no DVI input.
  19. so tht mean no different ??
  20. Yes. Please speak in full sentences and don't cut words, it's pretty hard to read.
  21. sorry ...
    so what monitor you use ..and your PC :)
  22. Press "More information" just below my avatar and then press "Member configuration". It will take you to the page with my specs written.
  23. coool you got a good system there :)
    so how much you spend in total to get it...did you build it your self ??
  24. Yes I did. The computer itself cost me 1000 euros 1 year ago.
  25. oo that alot of $$$ you can say 1000 euro=360 KD :)
    but the same system would cost around 400-500 KD here (1150-1350 euro)
    do you overclock your CPU/GPU ?
  26. Yes, both are overclocked.
  27. cool..
    do you have any idea of OC i3 ?
  28. lets come to the main point do you know about 7850 OC 1GB limit ?
  29. Limit? What do you mean?
  30. i try to OC it with the CCC and hit the max..1050/1450
    but when i try to open Medal of open and loaded for 10 sec after tht it get hang and has to restart my where was the error ?
  31. It means you clocked it too high. Limit of each card is unique: no two cards perform the same.
  32. i have 1 ...
    so wht to do any idea ?..i got normal MB maybe that the problem ?
  33. No just don't OC that high.
  34. people are hitting 1500 mhz i cant hit 1450 currectly :(
    so wht to do then ??
    they are saying to replace. i cant do tht ............
  36. Stop overclocking. Run it at stock speeds. Does it still crash?
  37. nop...
  38. It means you had an unstable overclock. Overclock 5 MHz at a time: when it starts crashing, got back 15 MHz back and stop overclocking.
  39. ok ..what about Voltage ? wht happen if we increase it ?
  40. I wouldn't do it.. it will increase stability of your card, but it will also increase temperatures and decrease lifespan of your card.
  41. ok ...i see
    so how much you can over clock your 560ti.. what the max clock/mhz you can do ?
  42. 975 Mhz is rock stable. 1015 MHz crashes on some games.
  43. is that u r core mhz ?
    what about your memory clock ?
  44. Yes that's core. Memory - rock stable at 2250 MHz. 2300 MHz crashes sometimes.
  45. u r 1 is too higher then mine one...
    u OC with V too ??
  46. What? Speak in full sentences, come on...
  47. sorry i was running fast..
    i mean your core clock is higher them my one...
    did you OC your graphic card with stable voltage ?
  48. No. I increased the voltage by 75 mV. Though I highly recommend not do it - or do it at your own risk. Also remember, our cards are different, so they behave differently.
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