Is EVGA GT 430 a good graphics card?

Hello , is nVidia GT 430 a good graphics card?
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    This is a chart for the graphics cards and hpw they fall in order of best to worse , naturaly the older the video card the further down the list it will be.
    You GT430 is a good enough card to run the games that you are currently playing but it won't be very good for any highpowered games because you will have to be playing at the lowest settings and resolution. You can make use of the chart in seeing where your card falls and then comparing it to the minimum requirements of any game your playing to give you an idea of whether or not you can play it.
  2. wow you are expert :D
  3. Now i want to buy GTX 660 but i dont realy know is my system compatibily with itt. :S
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