I dont understand upgrading.


These are the current specifications and what i have in my computer.

Intel 945P chipset
Intel® Pentium® 4 Socket-T with Hyper-Threading or Dual-Core support
375WATT Power Supply
Ati Radeon HD 4670
160GB Serial ATA
DVD Drive
Floppy Drive
16-1 Reader


I was planning to buy this motherboard/cpu/ram bundle.


Could i buy this and just plug in everything that i already own?

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  1. NO you cannot

    1. your Power supply will not be powerful for that now (considering it is old and unless a really good brand will not ouput the power required)

    2. Your Radeon HD4670 unless it's a PCIe card, will not work with the new coming

    3. Your DVD drive is probably IDE , no IDE ports on new mainboard If it is SATA it wil work
    4. no floppy drive support on the new mobo
  2. Yes you could.You just need to buy a decent power supply first.
    I suggest this one
    Note that you don't need a power supply that can provide that much power.A lower end one would be OK too.It's just that this one more than justifies its cost.
    But if you really can't afford it, go with this one instead.

    And one last thing.Many people think that upgrading their CPU will significantly increase their FPS in games.It will not.
  3. No, its not only for that, its for other softwares and thank you. And yes my HD4670 Is PCIe. i will have to buy a new dvd drive, which would you recommend, i need it to be cheap. Thanks.
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