Cnnot install nvidia driver

Yesterday I install new windows 7 ultimat 32bit on my laptop.My previous system was win7 home premium 64bit sp1.The problem nos is when I try to install my nvidia driver the nvidia driver installer cant continue.This massage was appear"This graphic driver could not find compatible graphic hardware".It seem that it cannot detect my nvidia video card.Why this happen?Just because I install 32bit on my 64bit?Any solution for this?I also have checked control panel/system/device manager---under display adapter only appear Intel HD Graphic 3000(something like that).I really need my nvidia performance back so please...anyone....
My Nvidia graphic card is GeForce 610M with 1Gb VRAM.
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    Make sure in BIOS the discrete graphic card is enabled. If the system is "told" by the BIOS to use the on-board graphics, that's what it's gonna see.
    Is this a laptop? What make/model?
  2. It is a laptop. Probably, you're having an optimus system. Did you try downloading drivers from your laptop's manufacturer's site?
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  4. Thanks!Everything is fine now.
  5. ggbyte said:
    Thanks!Everything is fine now.

    You're welcome, glad we could help. Enjoy your system! :bounce:
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