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hi i have a psu with a 24 pin power connector, 3 molex 4 pin connectors, 1 4 pin power connector, 3 sata power connectors. i want to put in an asrock 970 extreme 3 which needs the 8 pin connector, so i will get a converter that uses 2 molex plugs, i also wanna put in an hd 7770 gpu which requires a 6 pin power connector which i would need a converter which would also use 2 molex, i dont have 2 left? i also wanna use a dvd drive which also needs 1?
is there any way to do this by maybe using the sata power connectors? i could just go with the 7750 but it is not plan A if you know what i mean?
any help would be appreciated.
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    Need more details on the power supply, something without a PCI-E 6 or 8 pin power connector at all is likely not to have a high 12V current limit and not well suited for modern motherboards/graphics cards. Also, the 12V1 and 12V2 etc rails might be distributed to where you would overload 12V2 running everything off it. However, many motherboards will allow you to run a 4 pin power source in the 8 pin connector. The 970 Extreme3 is one of those, according to page 29 of the manual: "Though this motherboard provides 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, it can still work if you adopt a traditional 4-pin ATX 12V power supply. To use the 4-pin ATX power supply, please plug your power supply along with Pin 1 and Pin 5."

    I wouldn't bother with that 2-molex to 8pin ATX/EPS, unless you're planning on running multiple video cards which all expect a lot of bus power.
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