Faulty card or unrealistic expectations?


I recently purchased an evga gtx 660 to replace my old gtx 260. The rest of my setup that is applicable to this question is as follows:

phenom II x4 965 @ 3.4ghz
asus sabertooth 990fx mobo
2x4 gb corsair vengence ddr3 @ 1600 mhz
corsair stealth stream 700w psu

*note that all info was collected at 1920x1080

The game that i play primarily is battlefield bad company 2, which i can now completely max out and sit at 60 fps. however, i remain far less impressed with several other games, primarily arkham city and crysis 1 and 2. My research tells me i should be able to damn near max out these titles. arkham city i can not for the life of me get to run at a consistant fps with dx11 options enabled. crysis 2 i have to OC my cpu to 3.7 to get 60 fps on extreme settings (not even ultra) w/ dx 11 settings enabled. As for crysis 1, lets just say i should be able to do better than 30 fps on highest settings in a 5 year old game with new hardware. gpu drivers are up to date.

is this card potentially a dud? or were my expectations/research just incorrect?
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  1. On Arkham City it will automatically enable Physx because you have a Nvidida card and you will not be able to max out with that on. You can disable physx through the game menu. The other two games I don't play so I can't answer that one.
  2. Arkham City is one heck of a hard game to run, even for modern cards.
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