Will it blend? Thats the question...

Hi all , (in advance i apologize for my bad english) I would like to build some nice gamming rig. But dont know if it ll be blend all togehter without any problems or just id like to hear what i had to change eventualy.

i5 3570k
MSI z77a-g45
ATI Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC edition DDR5 1GB (Already have)
PSU 500w Seasonic (Already have)
RAM 1866mhz CL9 16GB

PS: Could i eventualy see some performance changes between PCIe x16 3.0 slot and 2.0 ? Bcuz the Graphic Card support 3.0 and at the moment i using old Mobo with 2.0. But the posted MSI has 3.0 slot.

Thx very much
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  1. Haha you don't want to blend it mate (well maybe the graphics card... :-D). Seriously though, PCI-E 3.0 is not currently worth considering at all. Maybe for cards in the distant future. 1866MHz RAM won't be much help, 1600MHz is fine. PSU should be quality, and excellent choice of CPU (assuming you're planning to overclock).
  2. I would suggest to go for a better Graphic card as your processor is much better compared to the compared. SO you will face bottleneck in gaming. If you are not into gaming that much then the 3570k for general use is a beast.
    If your sole purpose is gaming and if you can't extend your budget than take a lesser processor and a better graphic card.
    Only go for k series CPU only when you want to overclock your CPU.
  3. So what processor would fit better at my Grapic Card if the i5 3570k is too much? Bcuz i have at the moment an old AMD and im not very happy with that... Also what RAM with 1600mhz would be good? Some with low CL?
  4. Exactly. I use CAS8 1600MHz, but CAS9 is absolutely fine is there's any significant price difference. The CPU is actually a really good choice if you're overclocking. If you don't overclock, drop it to an i5 3450 and save some money. The 3450 and 3570K will perform exactly the same if you're not overclocking the K.
  5. I would suggest a i5 3450, but if your sole purpose is only gaming then go for i3 3220 and invest the remaining cash into graphic card. Maybe a GTX 660Ti or a 7870. 7870 is a better option I suppose.
  6. What Mobo is better for gaming and offers better features? I dont know which one of these to get.

    Asus p8z77-v pro ,MSI Z77a-g45 or Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
  7. Go for H77 MOBO it is good, as you are not overclocking. Main purpose of your PC is gaming so invest more in a graphic card.
    i3 3220 plus AMD 7870 and a quality PSU.
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