Blue tint on my dell laptop

there's a blue tint to everything that's white on my computer and the background is black and there are like red sun spots on it...
This stated yesterday everything had been fine left computer for maybe 10 mins came back to shut it down before i left and noticed this neon blue tint to my back ground thought no big deal but when i got back on a few hours later it was still like this.
I hadn't recently installed anything so i don't think its a virus and I've ran scans and checked the personalization, color and screen resolution settings and i was wandering if it could be my video/graphics card. i used the search for update for one of my drivers and it said i was up to date, and the tint still remains i don't know what else to do please help im not very computer smart but normal trial and error helps if anyone could explain what to do ill try to follow
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  1. then there a few things we could try but it helps to know specifications (components, model and options, age), and you may end up needing a new laptop nonetheless
  2. you're display planel maybe going bad. if you can, hook you're laptop to an external monitor and see if it's ok, if it is, you're gonna need a new laptop
  3. what if its like this on there also?
  4. with any luck i might know some one who can look at it and tell me whats wrong with it free of charge hopeing its something simple and cheap ive only had this laptop since last year but i think my mom got it at rent-a-center and im pretty sure it had been preowned but i just figured out how to kinda rig it to where its ok while im on it i go into personalization and click color calibration and tweak it until its at normal and it wont let me save(have no clue why) but as long as after i close the box that tells me it cant save and dont click cancel or next its play able until i close the calibration window then goes back to the blue tint
  5. if you can find a knowledgable REAL PERSON to help you that would be my #1 suggestion. good luck, make sure that rent-a-center cam isn't spying on you (look it up if you don't know)
  6. ok so my computer still isn't fixed but it just needs a new screen thank god it did like u said tho when i plugged it in to an external monitor it worked fine but i took it to some one knowledgeable of computer and he said just a screen which might only cost me $60 instead of a new laptop after i get a new screen ill be sure to post and let people know if that's all it needed thanx for help tho
  7. if you can replace the screen for $60 I'd consider that a STEAL, usually when a laptops LCD goes it's BIG MONEY such that you replace rather than repair. Good luck!
  8. Dell replaced my motherboard to no avail. It's not an LCD problem because it does it on every monitor.

    We suspect the Nvidia drivers are screwed up because when we change the blue settings on the Nvidia control panel it is fine until you reboot, then goes back to that same blue tint.

    It's most noticable when you first boot up or log in as a different user. When the desktop first comes up you'll see the monitor at the settings you chose for about a half-second, and then the blue tint washes over everything.

    Has Nvidia weighed in on this problem anywhere?
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