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Newbuild won't boot with memory installed

December 22, 2012 12:31:56 PM

Hi all.

I just signed up and I'm hoping this is the place to get some answers.mi have a frustrating problem with a new build, we'll 2 new builds actually which are the same hardware.

I bought an Intel bundle from for myself and my dad. We just want it to browse the web and email so it seemed a good price.

I have installed the bundle but now when powering on the CPU fan spins then shuts down, a second later it powers up again, CPU fan spins then shuts down and it keeps cycling like this. If I remove the memory then power on, the CPU fan spins as if it was booting. I had a spare Kensington 2GB memory stick, installed that and the system boots up fine. If I then swap out the Kensington for the bundle memory I'm back to square one. If I install both the system runs fine. The BIOS reports 6GB as does windows.

The strange thing is the same thing is happening with the other bundle so I'm reserved to say the memory is faulty but I'm not ruling it out. I also bought one these bundles a few weeks back for a friend, installed the same way as I'm doing now and other worked fine. I work in the IT industry as a systems support officer and have done many many builds so I'd like to say I knew what I was doing bunt there's always room for user error as we all know :-)

Does anyone have any ideas what's happening and have a solution? Both systems had new harder drives and were built from scratch. Once windows is installed with the Kensington memory installed the system works fine. Just not when the bundle bought memory is installed. I've stripped the systems down to the minimum so just the motherboard, memory, CPU and heatsink / fan are installed but I get the same problem.

Any help is really appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out with this one.

Cheers guys.