Installed Asus Nvidia GTX 660 TI, computer randomly freezes

I bought a new graphics card which is an Asus Nvidia GTX 660 TI. Then after I put it in my computer and installed the latest driver which is v306.97, my computer randomly freezes. Like when I watched youtube videos in full screen(happened 2 times), when I was on facebook(happened once), when I was using photoshop(happened once), about to play Dota 2(happens 9 out of 10 times whenever I'll try playing it)and with some other games and even when I was idle.

Here's my specs:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth x79
Ram: 32gb(quad) ddr3 G.skill ares
Processor:Intel Core i7 3930K LGA2011
Graphics Card: Asus Nvidia GTX 660 TI
PSU: Thermaltak TT Toughpower modular 1200 watts

Im really getting frustrated with this, please help me. I'll really appreciate it.
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  1. It could be yes. I would try it in a friend's computer or run your computer without the GPU and see what happens.
  2. Actually I cant run my computer without my GPU coz my motherboard (Asus Sabertooth x79) has no VGA, DVI or HDMI slots in in. I'll try to swap video cards with my friend to test it on our computers. I'll put his video card in my pc and he'll try my video card in his pc and i'll keep this thread updated. Thank you so much for the replies!
  3. No problem!
  4. Unfortunately your card is probably defective :( I would RMA it.
  5. It actually works really fine except for the frequent freezes. Is it really defective?
  6. When my friend tried his video card in my computer, it didnt froze or whatever. It really worked fine.
  7. Well, we've narrowed it down then. What card did you have before?
  8. That's the first video card on my pc since i just assembled it last 3 months
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