Help me pick a Motherboard for HD7950 graphics card please.

Hello I'm looking for a reliable motherboard. Was considering this

Gigabyte z68 for 114$ Seems like an awesome deal. Would anyone recommend something different. I have a I53570k
HD7950OC version. Thanks guys
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  1. a z77 motherboard would be a much better choice, i would suggest the asrock extreme 4 or gigabyte z77 d3h
  2. So any brand that is a z77 will be awesome?
  3. I also plan to overclock my i5 and my hd7950. Thanks for the help
  4. not every brand, i would stay away from biostar and msi right now, and any no name brands stay away from, but anything from gigabyte, asus , and asrock should be good. i have the asus p8z77-v and it is really nice
  5. Is the motherboard that you have able to allow me to overclock well?
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