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I recently installed a new graphics card (ASUS brand NVIDIA GeForce GT 640) in my computer, but it completely failed to recognize the graphics card as existing. I can run a monitor through the ports on the graphics card, but cannot install the drivers necessary to configure multiple monitors or utilize the graphics capabilities. Upon switching back to the original graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 9500) I received the same problem.

System Specs
OS: Windows 8 Pro
CPU: Intel Pentium E5200
Motherboard: Micro-Star G31M3(MS-7529)
PSU: Black Apevia 500W Model- WIN-500XSPX
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  1. it sounds as if your waiting for the computer to recognize it and then automatically download the drivers for you. i would suggest going to nvidia and downloading the drivers manually and see if that works.

    windows 8 is really buggy right now would you mind rolling back to windows 7? and seeing if that helps? that is ofcourse if you have windows 7 and created a restore point. the only reason im saying this is because i had a similar issues (among the many who have) with windows 8 and the drivers not recognizing video cards/network adapters etc.
  2. Win8 is the first OS on this drive. The other drive was damaged and was removed. I attempted to manually install, but NVIDIA couldn't verify the existence of any graphics card, new or old. I used a variety of third-party programs to search for the graphics card and they all fail to find it.
  3. you might need a bios update too sir! and your system might not be able to cope with win8 demands. about the mobo, do you have drivers for it in windows8
  4. All attempts to update BIOS and install drivers were met with "unknown error" messages in a variety of different phrases. BIOS update failed, Driver update failed, even the audio drivers failed to install.
  5. the beauty of using win 8 is just knowing that ur using the latest OS, but its not yet perfect this time. i think u should use win 7 at the moment and switch to win8 after all the drivers for ur system is optimised fo it. win7 is great. and the only diff i see in win8 is the interface and dx11.1
  6. I think I'll just put up with this until I get a new computer in a few months. Thanks for the help though.
  7. hmm update failed? if its not an internet connection problem then the only thing i would suggest is flashing your mobo. im not sure how to do it on your motherboard but allot of them have a button that allows you to hard reset it again and start from scratch.

    i wouldnt recommend leaving a computer you paid good money for to go to waste, sometimes investments need a little more help to work
  8. My computer is 5 years old, so it's starting to become obsolete and slow. Fixed the problem by refreshing Windows. Still don't understand exactly what happened though.
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