Windows 7 and N wireless card drops network connection

Hello, I got my wife a new laptop in October, and it runs on windows 7, since the 25th of december she has been having connectivity issues with her wireless card. She had 2 bars on her signal strength, and I wanted to take the signal strenght out of the equation, so I got a N range booster to put in the room she is usually in, she now has a signal strength of 5 bars. However she still loses connection to the internet.

ISP is Bell Fibe 25
Router is the bell modem/router in one.

My son's Laptop goes in that room, and has no issues. I have made sure the drivers are up to date on both the router/modem, and on the laptop itself.

The only thing I cna think of is that it is the card itself that is faulty.
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  1. Nevermind, I decided to call HP support and get them to fix it, as it was under warranty.....everything is working now, after we unistall the device from device manager, and reinstalled it.
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