Are these temps correct? Fans Making a loud ticking noise as well

Hey everyone,
This is my second computer of the exact same specs

The Brand is Pryon
AMD FX8120 3.1 ghz 8 core processor
16gb rams
3gb geforce gtx 550 ti graphics card
2tb hhd

Okay so this computer is two weeks old, i've already replaced it once

whenever i play games on this PC. Whether it be skyrim, dishonored & the witcher 2 the graphics card temp gets up to 89 degrees celcius and the CPU gets up to 54 degrees celcuis.

Now im not sure if these temps are correct or not but according to speed fan there overheating

Also as im playing the fan gets very noisy, i assume its the GPU as when i pause the game the noise goes away or if i close the game the noise goes away too

The noise is like a ticking noise

the fans RPM also gets up to 3700rpm, im assuming this is the graphics card ( could be the processor )

So basic im asking if these temps are okay, and if that ticking noise is normal ( as it may just make that sound because its working )

Thanks if anyone can help :)

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  1. This temperature for a processor is normal, unless you're using a watercooler.

    the noise can be coming from any fan, when gaming every component from the pc gets hotter and the fans speed up to cool them down, but gpu fans are indeed the loudest for the most part.

    3700rpm is most likely the graphics card fan.

    a ticking noise is never good, could just be a defective fan or even just a fan screw in too tight or too loose, i would suggest you to check your fans and use some program to check their speed to see if nothing is failing, that also can usually be checked in the BIOS.
  2. after two weeks you've already replaced the whole computer? get you're money back while you can and ditch these generic builders for a better one, or build your own, it sounds like your in for years of pain and frustration
  3. i know somebody that will sell you the "old" junk in the shop vs buying and assembling the newest stuff available. I also know somebody that has been a computer builder for years, that's right years. he still builds them the way they did back in 2002......... and people don't know any better because they are computer illiterate or are too cheap to invest into something worth buying. building is something everybody should learn, and delving into product like the pope reads the bible is almost a necessity.
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