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Hi, I have a system at the moment that I am looking to upgrade. I have about $3500k ready for the upgrade. I have a choice of two systems I can base things from but it appears that I am still sitting in a sweet spot.

I have either a i5 2500k on ASUS Maximums IV Gene 3 or an i7 970 Hex Core with Gigabyte UD5A. I have 16gb DDR3 2000Mhz running with the i5 at the moment. Running also an OCZ Revo Drive X2 240GB. I have EVGA GTX 580 3GB SLI. I am running a dell U2711 display at 2560 x 1440 complimented by 2 x Dell Ultrasharp 24" displays on either side.

I want to know what people would use as a CPU or just to replace it. Also to keep the GTX 580's or replace with new cards and then which cards GTX 670 or 7970?

Bit of a dilemma. I am replacing my Cooler master ATCS 840 case with a new COSMOS II or maybe an Antec P280, unsure yet. I have a cooler master 1200W Gold PSU so I am covered well enough there for anything really. Help would be appreciated, I want to max games out with FPS but occasionally I do use the system for live video editing and direct compute work for science projects I am tasked with. The rest of the work I do can be done without any drama.....

What would people change from what I have now?
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  1. Keep the 580's.
  2. should I buy a new CPU and Motherboard or stick with one of the ones I have?
  3. cleanmedia2012 said:
    should I buy a new CPU and Motherboard or stick with one of the ones I have?

    There wasn't much difference reported between the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs, so if you do want to upgrade your CPU, the Ivy Bridge i7 Core would make the best of differences. most likely the 3770K if you like to overclock.

    As for the 580s in SLI, I would assume they should be good enough for right now. Save the money and wait til next years line comes out.
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