Driver issue or hardware malfunction?

I'm having problems with my on-board networking adapter. my brand new motherboard (asus P8Z68-V LX) was working phenomenally until I noticed slower internet browsing/random internet disconnects/high latency in games.
-onboard network adapter is the realtek PCIe GBE family controller (Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter)

-drivers were fully installed since this machine is custom built and less than 2 weeks old
-have tried different computers on this network, all are working perfectly normal
-restarted the modem/router multiple times
-when googling my problem, I saw someone with a different board had similar problems. someone mentioned unplugging the power supply cord for 10 minutes and the ethernet adapter, multiple responses said that worked. didn't for me.
reinstalled network drivers directly from asus site
-only thing i have yet to do is reinstall mobo drivers.

reading threads with similar problems, i noticed people having the same issues I am having after installing windows 7 automatic updates. ASUS tech support was useless, the lady tried telling me i have a faulty mobo and should return it.

what to do?!
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  1. bump. anyone?
  2. ok so it seems like no one has any idea what's going on?

    I literally tried everything to the point where I messed everything up and had to do a fresh format, thankfully the computer is new and i didn't lose anything. I tried to update bios but i seem to be having the same problem. anyone have any ideas?
  3. nothing??

    ok so I tried the most updated drivers NIC drivers directly from the 3rd party's website (Realtek) and after a restart the net was browsing much faster however there was the random lagouts and most importantly I am noticing this:

    on internet speed test sites such as, it's able to detect a 30mbps but when it reaches the upload phase, it's still freezing on me. 2 other computers on this network are able to process it just fine with 30download and 25upload so I know its not my ISP. any suggestions?
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