I don't know which graphics card will fit the specs of my pc

Hi, I have the hp s5206uk and I really want to change my graphics card to a better one but I don't know what to get. I don't want to spend to much money but I want one good enough to play call of duty world at war.
My power supply is 250w and I need a pci express card to fit in my pc.
I might go for the nvidia GeForce 9500 gt but I don't know so please help.
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  1. well the good news is the board has a Pci-e graphics slot.
    The 250W is a no go ! Buy a more powerful one even if you intend to upgrade to a 9500 Gt.
  2. can you give me an idea on what will work with my pc.
    i also dont want to spend to much money
  3. I found the nvidia geforce gt 610 but i need to upgrade my power supply

    so what do I need to get for my pc to up the power supply.
  4. 2fgcrew said:
    I found the nvidia geforce gt 610 but i need to upgrade my power supply

    so what do I need to get for my pc to up the power supply.

    Newegg has a really handy power supply calculator. Just google 'Newegg power supply calculator'.
    It'll give you the exact wattage your system is and then you can go shop for a power supply with similar wattage. In order to fill out the power supply calculator, you need to have pretty basic knowledge of what hardware your PC has. If you don't really know much about it, you can google your PC and chances are there will be a site that has all your PC specs.
    And one more thing, always get a power supply that's a little more powerful than what the calculator says. For example, if it says you need a 450w power supply, get a 500w power supply.
  5. What is your budget? You will need a power supply for sure.
    That case is going to be a change as well.
  6. no more than £40 because i am getting a video card aswell
  7. I highly doubt you'll be able to purchase a power supply, graphics card, and probably a new case for anywhere near your budget.
    Maybe you can do this over time. Like first buy the case, then the power supply, then the graphics card.
  8. so should i get a pro to do it or shall I??

    what are the price differences?????
  9. it is because it is my familys computer aswell so i dont want to mess it up
  10. Honestly, I think you should to your nearest computer hardware shop and ask a few questions. Off the top of my head, the cheapest you could do what you want would be around $150-$200 (90pounds to 124pounds). And some things in your computer may not be compatible with what you want to do.
    If I were you, I wouldn't touch anything in that computer until you know what you're doing. Best of luck!
  11. thanks for your advise
  12. hang on whats the best low profile graphics card that needs under 250w
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